Help! A Clogged HIC Cartridge (Bio-Rad)

Ming-Ching Hsieh mhsieh at
Mon Jul 10 22:33:51 EST 1995

Hi Dear Netters:
Can anyone tell me how to recover a clogged HIC cartridge, which is an 
Econo-Pac Methyl HIC cartridge made by Bio-Rad? I'm using it to purify a plant 
apoplastic protein. I broght the infiltration solution to 2.4 M ammonium 
sulfate and applied it to the cartridge. The proteins were eluted with a linear
gradient of ammonium sulfate from 2.4 M to zero. The specific enzyme came out 
at the end of gradient. In the beginning, the flow rate was about 1 ml/min. 
However, after several uses, the flow rate was reduced to 1 ml/hr. I did clean 
the cartridge as suggested by the manufacturer, using 100mM NaOH, 20% glycerol,
and deionized water to wash. And I even washed it with 0.5M NaOH and 70% 
ethanol. They all didn't work. Please tell me what else I can do. Thanks a lot 
in advance.

hsieh.21 at

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