Wanted-Antibodies to Lac Repressor or HSV-VP16

Edward Edward
Mon Jul 10 16:04:06 EST 1995

	I'm trying to use an inducable system based on a Lac Repressor-Herpes
VP16 fusion protein.  However, I really need to document expression of
this protein since functional assays are a pain and need to be reserved
for a few stable cell lines.  A western would seem to be ideal but I am
having an unexpectedly difficult time in tracking down antibodies to Lac
I or VP16 (I've checked the usual sources without success).  If you know
of any such antibodies, or better yet have an excess that you'd be
willing to share, please drop me a line.
					Thanks in advance

Edward C. Goodwin Ph.D. 
ecg at po.cwru.edu
Yale University Department of Genetics

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