Gentamycine resistance

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You wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am trying to transform E. coli with a vector carrying a Gentamycine
> resistance gene.
Hello Gilles,
I have used Gentamycin at 10 ug/ml successfully.  In my hands, the cosmid 
pAM2 (a derivative of pLAFR1 with the Gent cassette from pLB41 cloned in) 
worked ok on LB, although it was a better Kan resistance marker than Gent. 
I believe that the gene is an 3-N-Acetyl-transferase, AAC(3). Ref: Foster, 
T. J.. 1983. Microbiological Reviews. Plasmid Determined Resistance to 
Antimicrobial Drugs and Toxic Metal Ions in Bacteria. 47:361-409.
Which vector are you using and do you know which Gentamycin resistance 
cassette is present?  If the copy # of your construct is very low then you 
may have to drop the amount of Gent present.

Good Luck,

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