Peptide Chemistry Training Wanted

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Wed Jul 12 16:36:30 EST 1995

My task is to find a training course for organic/analytical
chemists in the company I am working with. You will find some
first information below. I wonder whether there is anybody
who knows about an existing course, or if there is anybody
who could provide it by him/herself.

Please post or email me directly for faster response
        Volker Haeupl   100277.713 at
Any hints are highly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
We have a couple of chemists in our company who should become
familiar with the principles of amino acids, peptides, and

These people should be brought to a level to understand the
ideas of the mentioned compounds and their role in biochemistry.
Lateron this group of chemists will work in the field of protein
and peptide analysis. The considered course, therefore, should
emphasize more on the knowledge required to understand eg.
peptide mapping, protein sequencing, etc. rather than synthesis.

A professional in the field of protein chemistry with experience
in the field of the analysis of these compounds. In particular
we consider a university scientist or team with good teaching skills to
make complex subjects understandable to newcomers.

The suggested date for this course is August/September/October
this year. The length of this compact training course should not 
exceed 1 week.

Lecture material:
should be provided by the tutor


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