Is the GD Rose paper out?

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|> George Rose told us at his (now infamous?) NIH talk that it's more
|> like 1-2 weeks per "structure."  ... ... Are there any other algorithms 
|> that predict secondary structure as well as LINUS?
   Dunno about better - there are certainly methods that are a little quicker ;-)
My personal favourite bit in the PROTEINS paper was the paragraph that said
words to the effect of: just because two things _look_ completely
different, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are! -- Good one guys!!!
  Still, it was nice to see an economical model with not too many obvious 
fudge factors tagged onto it.  Bit of a shame they didn't present results
for some small, but complete (as opposed to 50 residue fragments), 
proteins/folding units though... 
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