Protein Engineering Postdoc Position Available

Boris Steipe steipe at
Wed Jul 19 13:13:17 EST 1995

Munich, July 19. 1995

PostDoc wanted:

The Biostructure Lab of the Munich GenZentrum is a newly formed group
focussing on the informational protein folding problem: the relationship
between sequence and structure in proteins. We work with a broad range of
experimental methods, 3-D modelling on graphics-workstations, site
directed mutagenesis and expression in E. coli, affinity chromatography,
CD and fluorescence spectroscopy - among others.

Your responsibility will be the development of a system for the in vitro
evolution of protein-protein interactions in E. coli.

Above all, you should be experienced in molecular biology techniques
(cloning, PCR, mutagenesis) and interested in a challenging protein
engineering project. The position is available immediately. E-mail a brief
resume to:

<steipe at>

Dr. Boris Steipe

Wuermtalstr. 221
81375 Muenchen, Germany

Boris <steipe at>

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