PEST domains with acidic + basic helices

Jenny jennyb at TITUS.U-STRASBG.FR
Thu Jul 20 11:04:39 EST 1995

I'm looking for some help/advice/ideas....
I'm working on elucidating the function of a novel protein, the predicted
sequence of which shows only low levels of homology with other amino acid

So far, we've managed to elucidate that the predicted protein (184/185 amino
acids long in man/mouse) has a PEST domain at each end, and between these are
2 helical domains. The more N-terminal helix is predominantly acidic and
is predicted to have a coiled coil structure. Following this is another 
putative helical domain which is predominantly basic. However in the absence of
good homologies with other proteins, going further with structural
predictions is a bit difficult. We would be interested in hearing whether
anyone had heard of a protein with the same type of domain organization
as ours.... Any suggestions of amazing new structural analysis
programmes which might be worthwhile running past our sequence would also
be very welcome.

I can be contacted by e-mail at jennyb at
Thanks a lot,


(oops- shouldn't be so casual here- that should have been-
Jennifer Byrne
I. G. B. M. C,

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