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>A postdoc of mine isolated a protein from a pine tree by a series of
>fractionation steps including preparative IEF, SDS-PAGE and electroblotting
>to PVDF membrane, a band from the latter being N-terminal sequenced.  A
>signal corresponding to about 5 pmoles was obtained.  The sequence was
>NH2-DAHKSEVAHRFKDLGEEN and, according to the sequencer, this has 100%
>homology to human serum albumin as provided by the Swissprott data bank!


>I don't have direct access to Swissprott or other data banks.  Can anyone
>confirm the homology interpretation?

yep, see gp:A03758 for an entry into the literature.

>We are certain that we did not use any type of serum albumin at any stage
>of protein purification.  Sterile gloves were worn for the SDS and
>electroblotting procedures.  The sequencer suggested that the gel may have
>been contaminated by blood, but that there would have had to have been a
>lot to obtain such a nice signal.  We are certain that there were no cuts
>on fingers and that blood cannot be the explanation.

I don't suppose this piece of pine was used as an ice hockey stick before
it was sacrificed for science? 

>I am going to repeat the purification and, funds permitting, will attempt
>another sequence.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Imagine what the other guy is thinking: "How in the hell did I get a protein 
from a pine tree in my sample of purified human serum albumin??!!!???"

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