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Bryan, Although I work in the nervous system apoptosis is a very impt.
method by which the developing brain trims down its population of 
neurons.  Removal of appropriate growth factors can in some cases induce
cell death via apoptosis.  Do your cultured cells require or are they 
sensitive to estrogen (estradiol)?  Removal of this factor and/or appl.
of an antagonist might induce apoptosis.  A very sensitive method we
use to ID apoptotic cells in culture (DRG's) isbfry at hsc.usc.edu (Bryan 
Fry) wrote:
>This is Bryan Fry at USC Cancer Center, I am writing to inquire if anyone
>out there has any brilliant ideas on how to induce apoptosis in human
>breast cancer cells (cell line:MDA-MB-435). We need to induce it in them
>to use as a control that we are doing involving disintegrins.
>With regards,
>            Bryan
 via application of Tdt
in the presence of biotinylated (or digoxigenin labeled) dUTP.  Any 
cells with nicked DNA will label very nicely.  If you are not familiar
with this protocol, drop me a line and I'd be glad to give your our 
protocol and some references.  Good luck!

Jerry Clayton, PhD
Dept. Neurology 
Univ. of Colorado Health Sci. Center
claytonj at essex.hsc.colorado.edu

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