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:Just read an article about changes in pKa of histidine residues in 
:barnase depending on their positions relative to the membrane 
:spanning alpha-helix (Sancho et al., Biochem. 1992, 31, 
:2253-2258). Unfortunately the authors dont give a hint concerning 
:the enzymatic activity of barnase and I cannot find it in 
:available textbooks. 
:Since there is an examination coming up on Friday I would be 
:grateful if anybody could give a short description about 
:the physiological function of barnase.

It's an extracellular guanine-specific ribonuclease from B.
amyloliquefaciens. Take a look at Bycroft et. al (1991) Biochemistry
vol. 30 p8697 and Hartley (1989) TIBS vol 14 p450.

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