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Rachel Ogorzalek Looo loo at brcf.med.umich.edu
Tue Jul 25 10:49:21 EST 1995

tkuwada at neuron.uchc.edu (Tim) wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a company for reasonably priced peptide synthesis?
> Thanks in advance,
> Tim Kuwada
> Univ. of CT Health Center 
> E-Mail:tkuwada at neuron.uchc.edu
> 203-679-2906
Tim Kuwada-  
        The University of Michigan Protein and Carbohydrate Structure Facility 
(PCSF) is a non-profit Facility providing a broad range of peptide synthesis 
services.  The prices are very reasonable and the products are guaranteed- if we
cannot make it, we will not bill you.  All purified peptides are thoroughly 
characterized by mass analysis, AAA, and analytical HPLC.  Typical synthesis 
scales offered include 25 micromoles, 100 micromoles, 250 micromoles, and 1 mmol
up to 40 mmol on our large-scale synthesizer.
        We specialize in unusual peptides (phosphorylated, cyclic, biotinylated,
and fluorescently tagged).  We also have a lot of experience with multiple 
antigenic peptides (MAPs).  The turn-around times vary but generally range from 
two weeks or less for a MAP to 4 weeks for a typical phosphorylated peptide.
        If you want more information, contact Ron Haaseth or Chris Lovdahl at 
Haaseth at BRCF.med.umich.edu, Lovdahl at BRCF.med.umich.edu, Phone: (313) 763-6284 or
FAX: (313) 936-6238.

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