HPLC Troubleshooting question

Aida Cancel axc19 at psu.edu
Wed Jul 26 19:49:54 EST 1995

Hi!  We also had trouble with our waters system.  I tried washing with diluted 
nitric acid but still got  a wavy backround line. First, I thought that the UV lamp 
was fused and changed it, but that didnt solve the problem. Finally we inspected the 
uv detector and somehow (or someone) there was something inside that seemed like 
mold or something that was not filtered before loading into the HPLC.  The 
solution..a) buying another $2500 unit or B) using a 28g wire and pass through the 
HPLC.  We are waiting for the wires right now.  I can let you know later if it 

Aida Cancel
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