Protein conc from A280 & sequence

Michael D. Knierman knierman at
Fri Jul 28 17:59:00 EST 1995

mesalvu at (Michael Salvucci) wrote:

>Does anyone know of a method (or computer program) for accurately
>determining the concentration of a protein from the A280 and the
>sequence (i.e., the number of tyr & trp residues).

>Thanks in advance,

>Mike Salvucci, USDA-ARS
>Phoenix, AZ

>msalvucc at

The GCG package includes a program called pepsort that gives you a
calculated extinction cooefficent.  It works well for me.  The
reference is Gill, S.C. and von Hippel, P.H.  Anal. Biochem.  182;
319-326  (1989)

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