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Dear Liz

It is best not to think of Scatchard plots as a way of *analysing* binding
data, but rather as a visual way of *displaying* them. This may seem a
fine point, but the visual impression can be very misleading compared to
the results of non-linear regression fitting of an appropriate equation on
to the data.

Two programs which will let you do this are:

Enzfitter (for PCs, from Elsevier)

Kaleidagraph (for Mac, from Synergy Software)

Both of them allow you to create/edit your own equations, which you can
then fit to the data - the statistics of the fit then give you a way of
deciding *objectively* which equation is the best model of the data.

Please email me privately if you want more detailed comments.

Simon Easterbrook-Smith

In article <3uod5q$5l8 at>, sarfasha at wrote:

> I am attempting to do receptor-binding assays.
> I need some help on analysing my data using Scatchard plots.
> If anyone has any good PC/Mac programs that they can recommend or any
other help
> will be welcome.
> Liz Fashola
> Post-grad,
> University of READING

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