Public Domain Densitometry Software for Mac?

Biological User cam at
Thu Jun 1 20:59:11 EST 1995

I was wondering whether anybody knows of any public domain software which
will allow me to do densitometry on a scanned image. I just want to do
a quick analysis on two bands on an SDS-PAGE gel which were not evenly
loaded rather than guess which one has more protein in it :-)

I was hoping to be able to scan a photo of the gel using photoshop and
work with the scanned image. Does any such software exist. I have only
discovered commercial software so far. Is there anyhting else around?

email me at cam at unless you think the information is
of great interest to the members of the group :-)


Cameron Neylon                             +61 6 251 1118  (Home)
Research School of Chemistry               +61 6 249 4181  (Lab)
Australian National University      or more likely cam at

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