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>   I'm looking for information on commercial suppliers of epitope mapping kits
>based on the 'pin' peptide synthesis technique of Geysen and coworkers (J.
>Immunol. Methods 102:259, 1987). I know that at one point Cambridge Research 
>Biochemicals in Delaware sold an 'Epitope Scanning Kit', but the person who
>answered their 800 number informed me that they no longer sell this kit in the
>US, and could not/ would not tell me what company did sell a kit in the US
>based on the "pin" peptide synthesis technology .
>   Thanks,
>   Joanne Petithory 
>   Genencor International 
>   jpetithory at genencor.com        

   If I remember correctly one other company which sells this technology is
Chiron Mimotopes. I don't have a phone number or email address for them but
I'm sure your purchasing department can track them down. Mario Geysen used to
work for Chiron but I heard that he has moved to Glaxo; perhaps he could give
you some advice.

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