Edward Graves edwardg at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Mar 3 18:08:51 EST 1995

To all:

Hi, I am an undergrad at UCB working with a professor on the standard 
molal thermodynamic properties of biomolecules, particularly amino acids 
and proteins.  In surfing the net, I came across a reference in the List
of Molecular Biology Databases (LiMB) to two databases, the Amino Acid 
Database, run by a Dr. Froemmel in Berlin, and the Biological 
Macromolecule Crystallization Database, run by Joan Sauerwein at NIST.  
These both sound very useful, unfortunately I was unable to deduce 
exactly where I could download them from.  Does anyone have any 
suggestions?  The LiMB provides references to the databases (and even 
gave an email address for Dr. Froemmel, which i was unable to reach), but 
does not explain where on the net (if at all) the databases are located.  
Thanks in advance!

Ted Graves
edwardg at

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