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> Every so often we are hit by very slow running SDSPAGE gels, I mean all day
> to run a 10% minigel!!!  Anyone any ideas of what the problem is?  I
> thought it might be a problem with stored gels at first but now even gels a
> few days old run slow, made with fresh buffers (UltraPure Tris).. Could it
> be the water?  I'm lost.
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perhaps it is a problem of the composition of your SDS running buffer system.
In our lab it takes one hour to run a minigel. I have tried several buffer
systems and my experience showed me that the running time depends on the
ions present in the system. Now i use the Laemmli-system that means 0.025
M Tris-HCl, 
0.192 M glycine, 0.1 % SDS.


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