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> Subject: NorthWestern

> I have posted this before but I didn't get any comments. Let me try again.
> I would like to contact someone who has experience in Northwestern blots. 
> I have run 3 or 4 of these blots and I am not getting any signal.
> As an alternative method, I would like to use a ssRNA-binding assay to 
> detect this RNA-binding protein. Does anyone have an idea of how 
> sensitive/ efficient this method is?

Dear Miguel,

yes, I perform northwestern, with both ds and ssRNA.  From what I read
from your comment, I cannot give much suggestion what is going wrong.  Are
you running a SDS PAGE and transfering to the membrene?  How is the
transfer efficency of your protein (if you can determine).  What specific
activity are you probing.  And what is the probe (homopolymer like poly rC
or poly rI should do good).  Reply to me if you need more info.

Kiong Ho
hkiong at

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