Stability of proteins...

Sergei Vakula vakula at
Sat Mar 4 06:39:55 EST 1995

> I am looking for any and all info/references on the stability of proteins on 
> transferral from aqueous to apolar solvents....

Apart from Klibanov, check also all the works of the group he worked with
before leaving for the States - the group of Martinek, Levashov A.V.,
Klyachko N.L., Khmelnitskii, Kabanov A.V. (beware - not Kabanov V.A.,
that's his Dad!), and some others, mostly Mozhaev V.V. However, these
key-names should be enough to do some search. They worked on proteins in
apolar solvents, in water and water-organic solvent containing reversed

Also check the group of Luisi P.-L. at the ETH of Zurich, the group of
Drost-Hansen in Florida, the work of Hutton T. (don't remember his

If it is not enough to keep you working for a week, get in touch with me,
maybe I'll be able to remember some others.


S. Vakula
vakula at

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