Daniel L. Burgess Daniel.L.Burgess at
Mon Mar 6 13:10:42 EST 1995

     I'm trying to choose regions of a new cDNA/protein we've cloned
to put into pMAL (MBP-fusion vector) as a prelude to making pABs.
It's a member of a large and VERY (sigh) conserved gene superfamily
so there are only a few regions I've identified that are likely to be
specific and not cross-react.  There is one region of about 62 aa and a
handful of from 20-30 aa.  My questions are these:  (1) Are there any
programs (or servers) available that will determine whether the regions 
I've chosen are likely to be antigenic? Free ones preferably. (2) Are 
there any feelings on smaller size limits for antigenic peptides (ie.
 will 20-30 aa work often/sometimes/never in this system)?  (3) Are 
there any other hints or suggestions on how to proceed in such cases,
 where you need specific pABs to differentiate between members of large,
conserved gene families.
   I'm new to protein work and would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Please respond to my E-mail and I will post a summary of the responses.

Thanks in advance.

Dan Burgess
Univ. of Michigan
Dept. of Human Genetics
Daniel.L.Burgess at

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