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Mon Mar 6 15:11:55 EST 1995

 porter at warp.phy.nau.edu wrote on the
Subject: Microtubules
> Date: 3 Mar 1995 16:41:06 GMT
: <3j7gr2$k3p at ruby.ucc.nau.edu>

>     I am looking for a source of MTP (microtubule protein) or tubulin dimer.  We wish 
> to polymerize the protein into microtubles for high resolution imaging in an atomic force
> microscope.  We have several recepies for this polymerization process, but we are 
> lacking the MTP or tubulin dimer.  Any help in obtaining this material would be 
> greatly appreciated.

Tubulin or MT protein is usually purified from calf or pig brains 
and is not a simple procedure for the uninitiated. I suggest you 
collaborate with a microtubule lab in your area so they can do the 
preparation. Where are you located?

-Dennis Goode> 

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