native PAGE gels

Robert Solomon Bioc rgs at
Tue Mar 7 06:17:09 EST 1995

abskhuri at (S. Khuri) writes:
>Does anyone out there have any information about native PAGE gels?
>The books only seem to skim over the subject, are there any Idiot's Guides
>out there that I could have a look at?
>Sawsan Khuri

Well, there's always "An Idiot's Guide To Native PAGE Gels", normally
carrying the title..
"Gel Electrophoresis; A Practical Approach", edited by B.D. Hames.
Note that the 'normal' stack at pH6.8, resolve at pH8.8, tris-Glycine
running buffer system actually stacks at ca. pH8.3 and separates at
nearer pH9.5, which may not be "native" for your particular protein,
but alternative buffering systems are mentioned.

Good luck

Rob Solomon

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