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Tue Mar 7 23:14:22 EST 1995

Hi Bionetters

I am not sure whether this is right place to post this. If this
is not, please forgive me.

Recently, I am studying on the *** enzyme from Pseudomonas. 

What I feel interested most is that this enzyme shows demethylation
activity in vivo in addition to its original activity. But upon
purification, demethylation activity was completely lost, only its
original activty was left. I checked this out by LC/MS.

I know that biological demethylation by an enzyme itself is hard 
to occur due to the chemical inertness of methyl moiety.

Any information regarding the enzyme able to methylate/demethylate
substrate would be apprecited. 

Personal communication at jylee at is especially

I am looking forwared to hearing your reply.


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