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Robert Solomon (Bioc) (rgs at wrote:
: abskhuri at (S. Khuri) writes:
: >
: >Does anyone out there have any information about native PAGE gels?
: >The books only seem to skim over the subject, are there any Idiot's Guides
: >out there that I could have a look at?
: >Thanks!!
: >Sawsan Khuri

: Well, there's always "An Idiot's Guide To Native PAGE Gels", normally
: carrying the title..
: "Gel Electrophoresis; A Practical Approach", edited by B.D. Hames.
: Note that the 'normal' stack at pH6.8, resolve at pH8.8, tris-Glycine
: running buffer system actually stacks at ca. pH8.3 and separates at
: nearer pH9.5, which may not be "native" for your particular protein,
: but alternative buffering systems are mentioned.

: Good luck

: Rob Solomon

In addition to the above book, I had earlier posted this ref: "Protein 
Methods" Bollag and Edelstein which has chapters on PAGE, practical I 
might add.  What PAGE equipment are you using, a minigel? 

Vik Prabhu

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