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> Subject: Microtubules
> > Date: 3 Mar 1995 16:41:06 GMT
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> >     I am looking for a source of MTP (microtubule protein) or tubulin dimer.  We wish 
> > to polymerize the protein into microtubles for high resolution imaging in an atomic force
> > microscope.  We have several recepies for this polymerization process, but we are 
> > lacking the MTP or tubulin dimer.  Any help in obtaining this material would be 
> > greatly appreciated.
> > 
> Porter:
> Tubulin or MT protein is usually purified from calf or pig brains 
> and is not a simple procedure for the uninitiated. I suggest you 
> collaborate with a microtubule lab in your area so they can do the 
> preparation. Where are you located?
> -Dennis Goode>

I got a flyer/catalog from a new company that will sell you tubulin and
I can try to find the info if you are not willing to make your own tubulin
or can't find anyone that will just give you some.  It's not that hard to 
make.  How much tubulin do you need?  

Dress at biosci.arizona.edu

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