Alternative to Starch Gel Electrophoresis?

Ronald.Berry Berry at
Thu Mar 9 05:09:12 EST 1995

Hello Bionetters

We routinely do PAGE gels on proteins (usually Hoeffer Mighty Small gels), 
using traditional Tris/Glycine, and also Tricene buffers.

I have had a request from a non-biochemist to do starch gels electrophoresis 
on plant proteins, with the object of using zymograms to do genetic linkage 

Surely starch gels have been superceded by more modern polyacrylamide 

Has anyone a protocol for "transfering" a starch gel method to PAGE? 


Ron Berry
Biochemistry Dept
University of Natal
South Africa

Ron Berry
Biochemistry Department, 
University of Natal,
South Africa

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