SDS PAGE and UREA in sample

Brian A. Hollander afn08460 at FREENET.UFL.EDU
Fri Mar 10 16:07:36 EST 1995

In my experience it does not as long as you *do not heat* your samples. 
If you heat them the proteins in your samples will becone carbamylated 
due to the ionized urea. This probably happens to some extent even 
without boiling, but It hasn't seemed to affect migration if the samples 
are processed and loaded at room temp. at least in my hands.


On 8 Mar 1995, NAME RAVI PRAKASH .D wrote:

> Dear Netters,
> Does the presence of Urea in the sample for SDS PAGE have any effect on the
> migration of the protein samples in the gel?
>  The urea concentration is 5M in my protein and I loaded 15ul of this along
> with 5ul of 4X sample buffer(Laemli). Any suggestions will be helpfull.

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