Wanted Lectin A of Lens culinary

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Sat Mar 11 01:12:36 EST 1995

pcomm at cismibm.univ-lyon1.fr (Pierre Commercon) writes:


>Help, help !

>I need Lens culinaris Lectin A for affinity electrophoresis of a blood protein.
>I found only A+B Lectin which is not not good for our use

>Can you tell me the company able to sell me this lectin A



>pcomm at cismibm.univ-lyon1.fr

I think that Sigma Chemical, USA sells this, they have a huge selection 
of lectins.  Alternatively, you can prepare your own from common lentils 
by extraction into normal saline or PBS followed by centrifugation to 
remove debris and lipids.  Ammonium Sulfate precipitation will pull down 
the proteins.  Dialyze  into PBS and centrifuge out debris, then load 
onto a column of the appropriate sugar immobilized ontoagarose.  I can't 
recall the specificity at the moment.  Elute with more of the same sugar 
and then dialyze it off.  I did this kind of thing about ten years ago, 
the details are sketchy.  If you are interested, I can look into it.

George Trager

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