Isoelectric focusing gels

I.N.Taylor int at
Mon Mar 13 04:15:18 EST 1995

	I'm having a few problems with isoelectric focusing gels.  The recipe
I use is from the Hoeffer Mighty small tube gel adapter kit.  This allows
tube IEF gels to be run on a midget SDS-PAGE unit.  I have great difficulty
in extracting these gels from the tube and keeping them whole.  Because
of this I am trying to use the same recipe and run vertical slab gels.

The gels do not appear to set in the vertical format,they do in the tube gels 
but I'm wondering wether this has anything to do with capillary action.

The recipe is;

Total volume 3.5ml contains 1.9g (9.0M) Urea, .175ml 40%ampholytes, .29ml 30%
(3.3%) acrylamide, 1,2ml water, .35ml 20% Nonidet P40, .025ml 10% APS and
.025ml TEMED.

I am going to try and improve the gel by using bind silane on the glass plates
to stabilise the gel.

Does anybody have any advice on preparing vertical IEF slab gels?

Please feel free to repond by email or on the net.
Thanks in advance


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