Human b-galactosidase properties

Pekka Rappu pekrappu at
Tue Mar 14 09:15:26 EST 1995

What are the optimal reaction conditions for human beta-galactosidase? I have 
been wondering if the activity of the enzyme is considerably lower in 
processed (i.e. homogenized & pasteurized) milk than in "native" milk. If this 
is the case, could it be a reason for a fact that there is all the sudden so 
many people having hypolactasia among the Finnish and other "lactose tolerant" 
people. Please tell me if I am totally wrong with my ideas. Please let me also
know if there is a more convenient newsgroup for this kind of question.

Hypolactasia patient & Post graduate student Pekka Rappu
University of Turku

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