Leukemia Res. Conf. in Chicago (9/95)

Eric Bremer cinnmosk at merle.acns.nwu.edu
Fri Mar 17 16:28:34 EST 1995


	The Leukemia Research Foundation will sponsor a two day conference
highlighting basic science related to leukemia research.  The conference
will be held September 14-15, 1995 at The Lodge (McDonaldÕs office campus),
Oakbrook, IL.  Registration will be $50 ($25 for students) and will include
a continental breakfast on both days and all coffee breaks.  Abstracts for
posters should be submitted by August 15, 1995.  There will be an optional 
dinner Thursday evening ($25 fee). The conference speakers will include:

	Noel Bouck (NU)																	Martin Hemler (Dana Farber)
	James Ihle (St. JudeÕs)											Michael Karin (UCSD)
	Richard Kolodner (Dana Farber)				Bruce Macher (SFSU)
	Jose Quintans (UofC)												Bernard Roizman (UofC)
	Igor Roninson (UIC)													Susan Ross (U Penn)
	Janet Rowley (UofC)													Ralph Weichselbaum (UofC)

For additional information and registration materials, please contact:

				Ms Shannon Ryan
				Leukemia Research Foundation
				4761 W. Touhy Ave.,  Suite 211
				Lincolnwood, IL  60646

				Phone: 708-982-1480
				FAX:   708-982-1485  

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