Solublizing nasty peptide

David G. Rhodes rhodes at MODEL.PHR.UTEXAS.EDU
Mon Mar 20 17:18:04 EST 1995

On Mar 20,  9:23pm, Rick Neubig wrote:
> Subject: Solublizing nasty peptide which is moderately hydrophobic.

> Any suggestions about how to get it into
> solution with some semblence of a "native" conformation -

Depends on what you mean by "native".  If you mean the conformation in aqueous
solution, you may be out of luck unless you have some super-sensitive
technique. In fact, the "native" aqueous structure may just be the precipitate.

You do not indicate what this peptide (or its analog) does "in real life".  If
you have a membrane-spanning or membrane-anchored peptide, you could just use
an amphiphile (neutral or otherwise) to let it get off the bottom of the
beaker.  Problem here is that the structure gets harder to determine with this
"extra junk" in the system.

The structures in aqueous solution (as monomer or aggregate), in the solid
(crystal or amorphous) in low-dielectric medium, and in anisotropic solvent
(associated amphiphiles) could all be quite different and all "correct".

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