native gel of large complexes

Frank Ho hof at
Tue Mar 21 13:10:06 EST 1995

Danny Chamovitz <chamo> writes:

Hi Danny:
Please try BioTechniques Vol 18,(2), 1995 pp324-327 "Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of High Molecular Mass Protein Complexes" in Fig 2 they deal with Native form
which is probably the things you like to find out. Good luck!      
Frank Ho @ Chiron

>I'm trying to do a native gel of a large protein complex (>550 kDa), but I'm
>having trouble getting it into the gel.  Has anyone tried to use agarose intead
>of acrylamide?  Has this also worked for gel shifts?  Any and all advice will
>be greatly appreciated.


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