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>         I've heard a little bit about a new technique that sounds very 
> promising called phage display.  From what I understand you insert a library 
> of DNA into a phage in such a way that the protein coded for by the DNA insert
> is "displayed" on the surface of the phage coat.  Then you could immobilize
> your protein of interest (using GST or the like) and pull down not only the 
> proteins which interact with yours but the DNA that codes for the protein as 
> well.
>         I'd like to try this in my experements but would like to know more
> about it and discuss it with others who have experience with the technique 
> or at least have heard about it.
> Ken Davenport
> kend at
Dear Ken,
  I'm surprised more people haven't jumped to answer you.  You summary
misses a few points, but you get the concepts.  The idea of displaying
phage allows you to join phenotype and genotype in the form of displaying
M13 particles which "display" the antibody/protein as fusions with a coat
protein of the M13.Then you perform enrichment by binding the phage and
washing away non-binders.  This is followed by amplification and
re-enrichment.  Here's a reference of a good review article:
Immunological Reviews 1992 No 130 p41-68 Hoogenboom et al

Good luck.
   Peter Emanuel Ph.D.

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