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Concerning phage display, one of the founders of this field is George P. Smith
who was the first to display a peptide library on the pIII coat protein of
bacteriophage. (Scott, J.K. and Smith, G.P. "Searching for peptide ligands
with an epitope library" Science (1990) 249, 386-390). This was followed in
1991 by the work of Franco Felici and Gianni Cesareni who made a library on
the pVIII protein (Felici, F. et al., "Selection of antibody ligands from a
large library of oligopeptides expressed on a multivalent exposition vector"
J. Mol. Biol. (1991) 222, 301-310). The field has continued to grow since
then, with about two or three papers on the topic being published each week.

   I help to run a free bulletin board on molecular repertoires which includes
discussion on phage libraries as well as synthetic peptide (my own subject) or
other types of chemical combinatorial library. Several of the pioneers of the
field are subscribers to the group and are available to answer questions,
discuss ideas, etc. 

   The address of the group is molreps at so if anyone wishes to
subscribe, please send a message to wallace at There is no cost or
obligation involved.


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