native PAGE gels

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Does anyone out there have any information about native PAGE gels?
The books only seem to skim over the subject, are there any Idiot's Guides
out there that I could have a look at?
Sawsan Khuri

I used native PAGE with subsequent staining for enzyme activity within the
gel, e.g. for plant peroxidases (P. Jordan et al.,1990 Electrophoresis 11,
653-655) or for human alkaline phosphatase (P. Jordan et al.,1992 Biochem.
Int. 26, 97-104). You might wish to check the protocols. Nothing special:
just the Laemmli-system without SDS, sample loading using sucrose, running
buffer a Tris/glycine system. (Let me know if you need more information
under e-mail hpeter at

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