Solublizing nasty peptide

Wed Mar 22 10:04:26 EST 1995

>I have been trying to solublize a particularly nasty 33-mer 
>peptide which is moderately hydrophobic.

Do you think that this hydrophobic peptide interacts with membranes?

If it is, you could try drying it down from organic solution in the
presence of lipid, then resuspending in aqeous buffer.

>I can get it into DMSO or acetonitrile but it forms an opalescent
>suspension when I try to dilute into aqueous solutions (at either
>1 mM or slightly less). Any suggestions about how to get it into 
>solution with some semblence of a "native" conformation - 
>which is the aim of the work.
>Thanks in advance,
>Rick Neubig

Dr. James J. Cheetham
Laboratory of Molecular 
and Cellular Neuroscience
The Rockefeller University
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New York, NY 10021
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