serum protein delipidation question

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Thu Mar 23 08:22:39 EST 1995

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I have tried to defat the extracted albumin using the 
standard free fatty acid extraction solvent of 
chloroform/MeOH (2:1).  The problem here is that the 
MeOH precipitates the protein which settles on the 
chloroform-water interface, making it difficult to 

   Please note:  You can still use the CHCl3/MeOH precipitation: Remove
the upper aqueous phase and add 2 vol MeOH. Vortex and spin down and the
protein precipitate will sediment now, making it easy to remove the

   Another useful method comes from work with ascites fluid in mab
production. They are purified from Pristan (added to enhance the
immunresponse) by treatment with SeroClear (Calbiochem).
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