XDS-2-xplor and ReLphage display

markmano at bcvms.bc.edu markmano at bcvms.bc.edu
Fri Mar 24 13:06:19 EST 1995

To the x-ray wizards
is there a conversion program from XDS to xplor
available on the net or would someone be kindly
give me?
I have reduces unique hkl's and conversion to xplor format
or to shelx3 format would be nice.
On another issue 
Ken asked about PHAGE DISPLAY
I have compiled a list of refs after posting a
similar query, I'll send you but your e-mail address not
working. send me a bip with your E-mail and I'll send you
also who ever need it pls feel free to contact me directly
If many want it I can repost it
         Ofer Markman, Boston College
markmano at bcvms.bc.edu

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