peptide expression in E.coli

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Ben Davis (bjd12 at wrote:
: M.R.douglas at wrote:
: : I am interested in producing peptides (10-30 a.a. in length) in
: : E.coli with a 
: : view to labelling them isotopically for NMR experiments.  Does anyone out
: : there have any hints, tips or references as to the best way to go
: : about this? 
: : And which is the best purification method for sorting out the good
: : from the bad? 
: : Getting them synthesised in the old fashioned way would break the bank, I'm
: : afraid.

: Hi

: My guess is that you've got basically no chance of expressing anything that
: small; coli proteases will chew it up & spit it out

If the peptide you want has no methionines, take a look at Kuliopulos
and Walsh (1994) J.Am.Chem.Soc. 116:4599.

Disclaimer:  I'm in the Walsh lab.

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