Identifying protein domains

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Fri Mar 24 07:13:12 EST 1995

In article <1995Mar24.103744.1 at>, jsinclair at writes:
>Is anyone aware of any e-mail/www servers which predict possible domains 
>within a protein? And are there any useful experimental techniques that can be 
>employed other than looking for fragments generated in proteolytic digests?
>Thanks for any suggestions.
Have a look at:

The ProDom protein domain database: 


ProDom is a comprehensive collection of protein families, constructed 
by clustering all complete protein seuqences in Swiss-prot. by the 
clustering algorithm Domainer, developed by Sonnhammer and Kahn. 
The novelty of ProDom is that the modular arrangement of proteins 
have been taken into account and whenever domain boundaries were 
detected the sequences were cut to produce consistent families of domains. 

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