Heafner, Kerry Donald KH8324 at CONRAD.APPSTATE.EDU
Fri Mar 24 10:42:41 EST 1995

	Here at Appalachian State University, we have a very active
allozyme lab.  There are students working on a variety of projects and
using starch gel electrophoresis to resolve allozymes.  We usually use
a combination of Sigma starch and electrostarch in our gels. We have
been purchasing the electrostarch from Electrostarch Co. P.O. Box 1294
Madison, WI  53701.  Apparantly, this business has either moved or shut
down all together.  Because of this, WE CANNOT FIND ANYBODY WHO SELLS
ELECTROSTARCH!!!  We have tried using all Sigma starch in our gels but
they simply do not work.  If anybody out there knows where we can purchase
electrostarch, we would greatly appreciate being filled in.

	You can call, e-mail, or write:

	Dr. Gary Walker
	Department of Biology
	Appalachian State University
	Boone, NC  28608
	(704) 262-2672
	WalkerGL at Conrad.Appstate.Edu

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