Taxonomic Range of Specific Proteins

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Sat Mar 25 15:19:45 EST 1995

Edwin Wright (ewright at FOX.NSTN.CA) wrote:

> Does anyone know of a particular database that 
> can automatically list the
> taxonomic range of a specific protein?

Dear Edwin 

If you look at Entrez (or even better, it's network version
aka: Nentrez) you will find that for every protein and nucleic
acid there is a complete taxonomy.  The nice thing is that you
can search on taxonomy, and we (NCBI, who prepares Entrez)
have put in synonyms for 'differences' which may occur in the
different databases.  Entrez includes all the different proteins 
present in Swiss-Prot, PIR, PDB, PRF and the translations 
of the CDS present in GenBank.

We are spending quite of bit of our energy in consolidating
this datase (the taxonomic one we keep at NCBI/GenBank)
and Entrez is a real nice tool to browse and search it.

Entrez also has a subset of MEDLINE records associated with
these protein and nucleic acid records.  The Network version
of Entrez has more (6 times more!) of these associated MEDLINE
records, just one of the many reasons why the network version
of Entrez is better.

Entrez is an intuitives, windows based tool for browsing
taxonomic, nucleic acid, and protein databases. 
It works under MS-windows, Macs, Unix (many flavors), and
VMS (to mention the most popular ones).

Entrez comes on CD-ROM (at a cost) but the network version is
'free' once you are on the Internet.  (I am very much aware
that the Internet is not 'free', but we do not charge for
using the Network version of Entrez ... this is what I mean by
'free').   This is another 'plus' on the side of Nentrez ;-)

To find out more about Entrez, you can ask our service desk,

info at



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