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Tue Mar 28 16:29:12 EST 1995

Attention Protein Chemists:

	ARIAD is now offering advanced protein sequencing services at an extremely
attractive price. As head of ARIAD's protein sequencing laboratory , I
understand the time, effort and commitment that is required to isolate and
purify proteins. Drawing on over 20 years of direct experience in the 
field, I
have dedicated myself to developing state-of-the-art protein sequencing
facilities at ARIAD, as well as proprietary techniques that offer numerous
advantages over university and other contract laboratories.

 State-of-the-art technology and service: ARIAD utilizes the most advanced
sequencing equipment and techniques available to attain high sensitivity and
throughput. The relatively small in-house operation is focused entirely on
microsequencing, ensuring that each sample receives personalized attention.

Proprietary chemistry: ARIAD's proprietary chemistry designed for gas phase
sequencing is demonstrably more efficient and effective for proteins 
on PVDF membranes than commercial alternatives; is capable of attaining over
fifty amino acids from several picomoles (initial yield) from a 
moderately sized
(20-50K) unblocked protein; and is highly efficient (95%+ repetitive yield),
assuring greater accuracy in sequencing at picomole and subpicomole levels.

Extensive use of in-situ controls: Because many proteins are N-terminally
blocked, ARIAD incorporates in-situ controls that run run with samples in 
to monitor sequencer function in real time. With these controls,
sequencer-related problems are separeted from sample-related problems, 
ARIAD to guarantee that the automated sequencing equipment is functioning
properly. No other contract service can offer you the same assurance.

Customer flexibility on information and cost: ARIAD's systems have remote 
and control capability, which allows a range of cycle choices to optimize the
amount of sequence information while controlling cost.

Protein/peptide sequence analysis is avery critical and sensitive area of 
research and you will appreciate the best possible effort in identifying your
protein. I have made the reliability of ARIAD's microsequencing  
facilities my
main concern and would like to bring
our advanced sequencing capabilities to your attention. I  believe that 
leading position in protein/peptide sequence analysis will build your 
trust one
sample at a time.

For more information on my background and ARIAD's technology , please contact
Andy BRauer at:  

brauer at

thank you-

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