program for per-residue static accessibility

David Mosenkis tripos!rigel!david at
Tue Mar 28 12:49:42 EST 1995

> is there a program that will take a PDB crystal structure file as
> input and produce a list of the solvent-accessibility of each residue
> (e.g., measured in Angstroms^2 or as a percentage of the accessible area
> of the bare unfolded amino acid, or whatever)?  thanks for any help.

  The upcoming 6.2 release of Sybyl from Tripos includes a new module called
  ProTable for the analysis of protein structures.  In addition to numerous
  other quantities, ProTable displays the relative solvent accessibility of
  each residue in a protein structure, as a percentage of the accessibile
  area of the residue in the fully extended conformation.  It uses the
  latest version of SAVOL developed by Bob Pearlman and colleagues at the
  University of Texas, Austin to compute the solvent accessibile surface

  Let me know if you'd like more information.

David Mosenkis  (david at

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