Macintosh drivers for UV-vis spectrophotometers

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> >        I'm setting up a lab, and would like
> >to have a UV-vis spectrophotometer driven by
> >a Macintosh or PowerPC and not by a 386/486/Pentium
> >machine (otherwise we're an exclusively Mac shop,
> >and I hate to have a non-Mac PC just sitting
> >around 22 hrs. a day.  Plus they offend me.).  

You may care to read

Merz & Mort (1993) The construction and use of an inexpensive data
collection system high resolution chromatography, Anal Biochem. 207:351.

These authors describe the use of a "cheapo" micro to interface and
control a device (an HPLC in their case, through a RS332 port if my memory
doesn't fail me).  The data can be transferred to a Mac (or any PC) for
analysis, plotting, long term storage, and so on.  Though you will need
some Basic programming to have the cheapo controler do its job.

Hope it helps !

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