Macintosh drivers for UV-vis spectrophotometers

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Jeff R. Livingstone (sidereal at wrote:
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: >Hello,
: >
: >        I'm setting up a lab, and would like
: >to have a UV-vis spectrophotometer driven by
: >a Macintosh or PowerPC and not by a 386/486/Pentium
: >machine (otherwise we're an exclusively Mac shop,
: >and I hate to have a non-Mac PC just sitting
: >around 22 hrs. a day.  Plus they offend me.).  
: >The sorts of instruments I'm looking at are in 
: >the $7-12K range, and include the HP diode array, 
: >the Perkin Elmer Lambda series, the Beckman 
: >DU650/750's, etc.  Frankly, for the applications
: >I envisage, there's not much to recommend one
: >instrument over another (although an open sample
: >compartment such as is found on the diode array
: >machines would be nice).  If one of these can
: >be driven by a Mac, that would tip the scales.
: >None of the manufacturers offers Mac drivers
: >as an option.  Does anyone out there have
: >such software, or can you recommend a source
: >for same?
: >        I'm grateful for any assistance you
: >can offer.
: >
: >          **** Please respond to: ****
: >
: >            loll at
: >
: >        Thanks.
: >
: >Pat Loll
: >Dept. of Pharmacology
: >University of Pennsylvania Medical School

: You will be hard pressed to find any seriously biophysical analytical
: equipment that currently runs under Mac. The problem is in the timing of the
: real-time signals and the relay of that information from the machine to/from
: the Mac. It turns out to be much easier in the 386/486 world. There are
: several biotech companies which are dedicated "Mac shops" which create the
: need for in-house devlopment of Mac-oriented data acquisition software, such
: as Amgen and Genentech. You might want to ask either Mike Mulkerrin or
: Scooter Morris at Genentech (mgm @ & scooter @ to see if
: they know of any sources/people.

: Note also that the proprietary nature of the Mac OS created limitations in
: developing acquisition software such as you suggest, which would rely
: heavily on internal OS structure and system calls.

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