Macintosh drivers for UV-vis spectrophotometers

Hiroki Morizono hiroki at
Wed Mar 29 22:27:51 EST 1995

Hiroki Morizono (hiroki at wrote:
...much deleted...
boy, I feel like a bozo,
teach me not to try remapping my keyboard to Dvorak...
I had meant to suggest 
Labview--it is a great environment--it can basically 
read or control anything that can be converted into an electrical
signal. The hard part will be to get the spec makers to
give up the specs on what pins give what signals.
We have a Cary13 that's hooked into a 286 through an IEEE
card and I would love to be able to change that to something 
that can take IEEE to NuBus--in the process, being able to 
get rid of the braindamaged excuse for software that the Cary uses.

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