program for per-residue static accessibility

Rob Miller rmiller at
Thu Mar 30 08:44:59 EST 1995

David Mosenkis (tripos!rigel!david at wrote:
: > is there a program that will take a PDB crystal structure file as
: > input and produce a list of the solvent-accessibility of each residue
: > (e.g., measured in Angstroms^2 or as a percentage of the accessible area
: > of the bare unfolded amino acid, or whatever)?  thanks for any help.

: Arlin,
:   The upcoming 6.2 release of Sybyl from Tripos includes a new module called
:   ProTable for the analysis of protein structures.  In addition to numerous
:   other quantities, ProTable displays the relative solvent accessibility of


  You can also check out naccess on the BSM home page, probably for a 
few less of your local currency units.  Use your Web browser to look at


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